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Distribution of dairy products at your home or office in Montreal Area

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  2. Place an order maximum 24h business day before the delivery day in your area with the minimum amount required
  3. Receive your order according to the day of your sector
  4. Wait for the final invoice by email before making the payment
  5. Make payment by interac transfer  with the instructions in the email

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A minimum order of $30 and/or 4 items is required for delivery.

(No fee delivery, All taxes included)

Milkman for over four generations we still perpetuate the tradition.

We managed over the decades to adapt our distribution service to satisfy our customers by providing several other products such as juice, yogurt, cheese, eggs, soya milk, almond, oat and more…

Always attentive to the needs of our customers , we offer a unique service of its kind, is the distribution of club format products at home. No need to force, to waste time, to use your car in traffic, now get your favorite products delivered in the comfort of your home.

You will find on our site over 150 most popular products that you can order directly via your cart.

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